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[Gakuensai no Ouji-sama] Echizen Ryoma Confession + Ending

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Echizen Ryoma Confession + Ending


ER: What are you doing at a place like there?
You: Wha- That surprised me! So it was Ryoma-kun.
ER: Is it bad that it's me?
You: No, that's not it. I was just surprised.
ER: You aren't gonna dance?
You: No, I don't have the confidence to.
ER: Confidence huh…Heh.
You: W-What is it, those eyes?
ER: Nothing…
You: Geez…
ER: Wanna go over there if you aren't going to dance? I have something to talk to you about.
You: Eh…Okay then.
ER: Okay.

You: So, what is it? You said you wanted to talk about something?
ER: Senpai, you're not in a club right?
You: Yeah, that's right.
ER: You aren't… going to participate in clubs?
You: Hmm…I'm thinking of what to join right now.
ER: Eh… in what?
You: I haven't decided that just yet…Especially since I really enjoyed working as a member of the management committee. I was thinking of something where I could do something to help people out.
ER: If that's it… I have one.
You: Eh? What?
ER: Be the manager of the tennis club.
You: The tennis club's?
ER: Right. If it's senpai, you can fight head to head with Inui-senpai…
You: Fight head to head with"… But about what?
ER: Senpai was the first one that won against the Inui Juice.
You: No, I don't think you can say that I won…
ER: You don't want to?
You: It's not like I don't want to… But why so suddenly?
ER: It's not sudden. …I was thinking about it for a long time already.
You: eh?
ER: I want senpai to become the manager of the tennis club.
You: Why… Why is that?
ER: It's fun when… when senpai is here. And…
You: And?
ER: I don't get tired of looking at senpai.
You: …I don't know if you are complimenting me or not.
ER: That… was my intention.
You: Thank you then.
ER: Senpai.
You: Hm?
ER: Senpai… Do you have any intention on becoming the tennis club's manager at all?
You: …I don't know what to do.
ER: Why?
You: Well… I'll have to treat everyone fairly and equally if I become the manager, don't I?
ER: Ah… yeah.
You: Right now… I don't have the confidence to do that. To treat everyone equally.
ER: Does that mean… that you're interested in someone in the tennis club then…?
You: Hmm… It's deeper than that.
ER: Deeper?
You: More than being interested… It's probably liking them, I think.
ER: !!… Who is it?
You: You want to know?
ER: …If you want to say it, say it already?
You: Geez, you are being cocky again. But this time I'll forgive you.
ER: ………
You: That person is blunt and sarcastic.
ER: …Heh.
You: He's skilled in tennis, and he's cool.
ER: …And?
You: He's cocky, scowls easily, and is younger than me.
ER: Eh?
You: You understand already, right?
ER: The person that senpai likes… Could it be…
You: Yes, it's you. Echizen Ryoma-kun.
ER: I…
You: Ah, I ended up saying it. Ryoma-kun, what do you think? Do you… hate me?
ER: …I don't hate you.
You: Thank goodness.
ER: Eh? Senpai… Why… are you crying?
You: You know, a girl just confessed with everything she had? If the other party says that they don't hate her, it's already… Geez…
ER: …Senpai.
You: …What?
ER: I take back what I said earlier. I said that I don't hate senpai… But I really…
You: Eh…
ER: I… I really do… like senpai.
You: Ah…
ER: So… So please don't cry anymore…
You: What… What are you saying? The one who made me cry was you.
ER:  Eh? B-But…
You: …If you want me to stop crying, say those words one more time.
ER: Those… Those words?
You: You won't say it?
ER: …Senpai, are you really crying?
You: Hmm… Sorry. I stopped just now.
ER: Senpai… you're unfair.
You: But I really want to hear it again, one more time. Say it?
ER: No way.
You: No matter what?
ER: No matter what.
You: Geez…
ER: Senpai… You really are childish. But that's… also part of the reason why… why I like you.


You: Hey, can we stop here?
ER: You're worn out already, senpai?
You: I'm not saying that I'm worn out… I'm tired of it.
ER: Senpai… you get tired of things too easily.
You: But… hitting the wall is so plain.
ER: Well… I guess it's okay.
You: I think I will be fine with being just the manager after all. I have no intention on entering the girls tennis club anyways.
ER: …Who was the one who said that they wanted to become my practice partner at the very least?
You: Hmm… That's right. I'm sorry.
ER: Well, that's just like senpai.
You: Hey, shouldn't you stop calling me senpai sometime soon?
ER: Why…Why's that?
You: Well… You know. It's so formal.
ER: Senpai is senpai after all.
You: But before that… I'm Ryoma-kun's… You know.
ER: You want me to call you by your name?
You: Yes.
ER: …I won't.
You: Why?
ER: …I might mess up when I talk to you during club hours.
You: I'm fine with that.
ER: I'm not.
You: Stingy.
ER: Good grief… It's hard to tell who's older.
You: But… I'll always be older than Ryoma-kun from now on.
ER: I don't actually… mind that.
You: Then call me by my name.
ER: …I can't right now.
You: Why?
ER: When I grow taller… When I'm taller than senpai, I'll think about it then.
You: …Okay.
ER: You understand then?
You: Yes. So drink your milk everyday.
ER: I… I don't really like milk all that much… but I guess it can't be helped.
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