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[Gakuensai no Ouji-sama] Atobe Keigo Confession + Ending

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Atobe Keigo Confession + Ending


AK: What's this? You aren't going to dance [Name]?
You: Ah, Atobe-senpai. I haven't learned the steps by heart…
AK: Idiot. Don't mind trivial things like steps. I'll lead you.
You: Eh? I… But…
AK: You don't like it?
You: That's not it. But if I dance with senpai…something like before might happen and inconvenience senpai.
AK: Hmph… What are you saying? It's my fault that you are being inconvenienced. I'll say this as many times as needed; the fault does not lie in you.
You: B-But…
AK: Don't worry. I won't let you experience that again. …Can you not trust me?
You: No, I…
AK: Then there's no problem. Let's dance. …Your hand please, my lady.
You: …Alright.
AK: Hmph… You're better than I thought.
You: Really? It's taking me everything to keep up with senpai's leading…
AK: That's more than enough. You just have to memorize it from now on.
You: Eh? "From now on…"?
AK: If you're going to be with me, you need to be able to dance at the very least.
You: Eh?
AK: Hmph… You are considerably thick-headed after all. Or is it just an act?
You: Um… about what?
AK: …It's not an act after all. Good grief, you really do mess up my pace.
You: Um… I'm sorry.
AK: Don't apologize. More than that, think of the meaning behind me dancing with you like this.
You: Um… To cheer me up?
AK: Are you feeling that sad?
You: No, I'm fine. Then… I don't know after all.
AK: Really?
You: …It might be that… I've been thinking of only one thing since some time…
AK: Hmm… What is it? Say it.
You: I can't… say that. That's just my hopes after all.
AK: Your hopes…
You: Yes.
AK: I see… That response is more than enough.
You: I… Um…
AK: Don't move.
You: Y-Yes.
AK: ………
You: (Wow… I feel like those gazes are piercing me.)
AK: Looks like we are attracting enough attention. Alright…Stand still like that and close your eyes.
You: Eh? Why?
AK: Just listen to what I say.
You: Y-Yes.
AK: …Don't move and stay quiet.
You: Yes… (I wonder just what senpai is planning to do…)(Eh… What? Just now, there was something on my mouth…) Senpai… What did you do just now…?
AK: Hmph… Who knows.
You: "Who knows"…? Did you maybe…
AJ: Wow~!! Atobe's awesomeee!! So embarrassing~~
SR: I'm surprised he would do that, good grief…
MG: Hey Yuushi, were they going out?
OY: No, I don't think they were going out yet. Seeing how frozen that girl is, she didn't give permission for that kiss earlier.
You: …K-Kiss!?
AK: What, you want another one?
You: No, that's-! Why would… you do that!?
AK: The reason is clear now. …Well, suppose that I should let everyone surrounding us know.
Listen! This… is my woman! If you make a pass at her from now on, it doesn't matter if you're male or a female. I will completely crush you! Remember that!
You: !?
OC: Wow… As expected of Atobe-san…
HW: Really… What kind of nerves does he have to be able to do that…
AK: Hmph… It should be fine with this… Hey, Kabaji.
Kabaji: Yes.
AK: I'll leave the rest to you. Have Oshitari and the team cooperate.
Kabaji: Yes.
AK: Let's go, [Name].
You: Y-Yes.
U-Um! Atobe-senpai! That… the words earlier…
AK: Even if it's you, you should understand now.
You: Y-Yes… But… is is okay… if it's me?
AK: You are fine. … You can't believe it?
You: Senpai… Really…?
AK: Until you can believe it, I'll say it as many times as I need to. I love you.
You: M-Me too… I love senpai.
AK: …Ah, I know. Thank you.


AK: …It's quiet.
You: Ah, you're awake?
AK: Yes. How long was I asleep for?
You: Around one hour. There's still time until noon, so please sleep a little longer.
AK: You're okay with that?
You: Yes. Just by gazing at the beautiful gardens, time passes by. …And senpai is also beside me too.
AK: Hmph… I see.
You: Yes. I was thinking that this is what luxury is.
AK: That's right.
You: Yes.
AK: Let me sleep… a little longer…
You: Yes.
AK: ..When I wake up… I'll spoil you.
You: Eh?
AK: It's been a long time since our last break… it's been a long time… that we were together outside school…
You: …Senpai?
AK: Let me… spoil you more… or else it would… be boring, right… I will…
You: … Yes, please spoil me as much as you want when you wake up.
AK: ………
You: I love you, Keigo-senpai…
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