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[Gakuensai no Ouji-sama] Shiraishi Kuranosuke Confession + Ending

Translations by [info]ichigohaatsu. Please credit if using.

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Shiraishi Kuranosuke Confession + Ending


SK: Oh? [Name], you aren't going to dance?
You: Ah, Kuranosuke-san. I can't decide what to do…
SK: There's nothing to be lost about. I'll escort you.
You: Eh?
SK: Come on, let's go.
You: Ah, wait…
SK: Okay, right, right, left, left.
You: Y-Yes.
SK: Great, great. You're pretty good.
You: It's because Kuranosuke-san is leading me.
SK: Well, that's why I desperately memorized all the steps…
You: Eh?
SK: Ah, it's nothing. Let's continue, continue.
You: Ah, alright.
SK: Okay, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right…
You: …Kuranosuke-san, that's wrong.
SK: Darn! Before I noticed, I focused on trying to make you laugh.
You: Oh you… haha
SK: Well, the end result was alright since I was able to see your cute face smiling.
You: P-Please don't say such embarrassing things.
SK: You don't have to be so embarrassed. Well, your embarrassed face is cute too.
You: Oh, Kuranosuke-san. Please don't tease me so much.
SK: Hmm… I didn't intend to tease you though…
You: Haha…

You: …The dance is over now.
SK: Yeah…
You: The school festival too…
SK: Yeah…
You: ………
SK: ………
You: U-um…
SK: You know-
You: Ah, please go ahead Kuranosuke-san.
SK: A-Ah… Err… I wanted to say, you know… Oh shoot! I can't think of anything good to say! My head is all blank for some reason! And just when I already had thought of a perfect way to confess!
You: Eh? J-Just now, you said confess…
SK: Eh? Ah!? Darn it!?
You: Is… Is… Is that true?
SK: Sigh~… That was so lame of me…
You: T-That's not true! I, I… I'm…
SK: Wait a sec. It might be lame… but let me say it.
You: Ah… okay.
SK: I… I really like [Name].
You: Ah…
SK: At first, I just thought of you as a girl worth teasing. But then when I saw you hard at work with your duties as a member of the management committee, I was gradually captivated by you.
You: I… I see.
SK: And then… before I noticed, I was really interested in you… While I teased you about many things, I ended up really liking you. Would you… please go out with me?
You: It's okay… that it's me?
SK: There's no one else that it can be.
You: ! Kuranosuke-san!
SK: And… and your answer is?
You: Yes… Yes! Happily!!
SK: I-I see… Thank you…
You: That's… what I should be saying.
SK: I have to go back to Osaka… But I don't want to part from you… Almost to the point that I want to take you with me and leave now.
You: I… also want to follow you back.
SK: I have to leave tomorrow… But I will make sure to contact you when the National Tournament starts.
You: Yes, I'll be waiting.
SK: Can I call you?
You: Of course!
SK: Everday?
You: I'll call too.
SK: The phone bills are going to be terrible.
You: Haha… that's right.
SK: …Let me say this once more time. [Name], I love you… I really do.


SK: Are you cold [Name]?
You: No, I'm fine. It's so pretty…
SK: Sorry about that, making you stay over at my house so forcefully.
You: It's alright, I saved on a hotel bill thanks to you, and your older and younger sister were very nice to me.
SK: …Those two are pushy and noisy. Did they bother you?
You: You: Well… When they said asked me if I wanted to become part of their family, that was embarrassing.
SK: …I thought that they did a good job there though.
You: Eh?
SK: No, I thought that they were useful at some times too.
You: They are your siblings, so please get along.
SK: No, we do get along. But…
You: ? What is it?
SK: When our understanding of each other gets too deep, it's a pain.
You: U-umm…?
SK: I'm probably going to have to accompany them with their long tales until morning when I get back.
You: I-Is that so?
SK: There's no doubt about it. Then I'll be forced in a situation where I have to listen to them badmouthing me on traits I have or don't have.
You: A-Ahaha… Sigh.
SK: That's why this is the one and only chance.
You: Eh? Chance…? That is…
SK: Close your eyes.
You: Ah…
SK: Merry Christmas, [Name].
You: M-Merry Christmas.
SK: Come again next year too, okay?
You: Yes.
SK: …[Name], I love you.
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