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Ono Daisuke - 1 to 1 Translation

Translations by [info]ichigohaatsu. Please credit if using.

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Ono Daisuke - 1 to 1

Dou sureba ii oshiete kure yo
Tell me what am I supposed to do
泣かせるつもりなんて なかったんだ
Nakaseru tsumori nante nakattanda
I wasn't planning to make you cry
そんな顔するな 我慢できなくなる
Sonna kao suru na gaman deki nakunaru
Don’t make that face, I won’t be able to hold myself back
Omae wo mamoru otoko ni naritainda
I want to become a man who can protect you

Waratte kure (Ayamaru kara)
Give me a smile (I’ll apologize!)
Okotte kure (Kirai ni naru na)
Be mad at me (Don’t hate me!)
苦いミント・キャンディ これが恋の味なら
Nigai minto kyandi kore ga koi no imi nara
A bitter mint candy, but if this is the taste of love
ちょっと沁みる ジンジンする ハート・ブレイク
Chotto shimiru jin jin suru haato bureiku
A heartbreak that stings and hurts a little

My Sister
Mechakucha ni aishiteru
I recklessly love you!
やさしいだけの キスならいいのかい?
Yasashii dake no kisu nara ii no kai
Is a kiss that is only kind alright?
ごめん… 抱きしめたいよ
Gomen dakishimetai yo
I'm sorry... I'll hold you close
哀しみさえ 切なささえ 引き受けるから!
Kanashimi sae setsunasa sae hikiukeru kara
I'll be responsible for even your sadness and pain!
今すぐに すべてを預けて
Ima sugu ni subete wo azukete
I'll entrust everything to you from now on
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! I need your love
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