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Suwabe Junichi - Seishun TIP-OFF!!~MVP Aomine Ver. (Official) Translation

Translations by [info]ichigohaatsu. Please credit if using. Kanji taken from here. This is the real version of the lyrics if Aomine was actually singing.

To see all my translations that I have done, please visit here.

Suwabe Junichi - Seishun TIP-OFF!!~MVP Aomine Ver. (Correct & Official)

Touou gakuen basuketto booru bu ichinen aomine daiki
Touou Academy Basketball Club first year, Aomine Daiki
Sebangou go pojishon pawaa fowaado
Jersey #5 position: center
Jaa ma yatte yakka
Well… might as well do it

TIP-OFF!! 今日もパワー全開で 勝ちに行こうか
Tip-off kyou mo pawaa zenkai de kachi ni yukou ka
TIP-OFF!! Let's go to win it, let’s go with all our power today too
Atsuku nan natte hou ga muri
Not getting fired up is impossible
Enjoy playing!! 誰1人譲る気はない
Enjoy playing dare hitori yuzuru ki wa nai
Enjoy playing! I have no intention of going easy on anyone
目指せNO.1 YES!! 青春のMVP
Mesase numbaa wan yes seishun no MVP
Yes!! Aim for No.1 as the MVP of youth

そんじゃ 手始めにアリウープ
Son ja tehajime ni ariuupu
Well then, we’ll start with an alley-oop
Chotto tekagen shite oite yattaze
I went a little easy on you
Asshou muudo warui kedo
My mode gets wrose when it’s a complete victory
Seizei (seizei) saigo made aragatte kure yo
You will amuse me and fight as much (as much) as possible until the end, won’t you?

Saa pureibakku
Now playback
「あーダリー 大体これオレ出なくてよくね? どうせ勝つって」
Aa darii daitai kore ore denakute yoku ne douse katsu tte
Ah, how lame, if it's like this I don't need to go out at all? We’re going to win anyways
Mou ikkai
One more time
「はっ、挑んでくるだけマシってか ま、いーけど」
Haa idonde kuru dake mashi tte ka ma ii kedo)
What, you think it'll work just by challenging me? Well, I don't care
Dono michi kekka wa onaji da agaku dake muda daze
The result will be the same no matter what path you choose, it’s useless to struggle

オイオイどうした もう終わりか?
Oi oi doushita mou owari ka
Hey hey what’s wrong? Done already?

TIP-OFF!! 今日もパワー全開で 勝ちに来たんだろ?
Tip-off kyou mo pawaa zenkai de kachi ni kitan daro
TIP-OFF!! You came to win it right? Let’s go with all our power today too
Motto kuraitsuite koi
Just come at me some more
Buzzer Beater!! その意気は褒めてやるけど
Buzzer beater sono iki wa mitomete yaru kedo
Buzzer beater!! I’ll acknowledge that spirit of yours
オレがNO.1 YES!! すぐに教えてやるよ
Ore ga numbaa wan yes sugu ni oshiete yaru yo
Yes!! I’m No.1, I’ll teach that to you soon
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