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Hamada Kenji - Seishun TIP-OFF!!~MVP Kiyoshi Ver. Translation

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Hamada Kenji - Seishun TIP-OFF!!~MVP Kiyoshi Ver.

Seirin koukou basuketto booru bu ninen kiyoshi teppei
Seirin High School Basketball Club second year, Kiyoshi Teppei
Sebangou nana poshishon sentaa
Jersey #7, position: center
Minna tanoshinde kouze
Everyone, let’s have some fun!

TIP-OFF!! 今日もパワー全開で 勝ちに行こうか
Tip-off kyou mo pawaa zenkai de kachi ni yukou ka
TIP-OFF!! Let's go win it, let’s go with all our power today too
Atsuku nan natte hou ga muri
Not getting fired up is impossible
Enjoy playing!! 誰1人譲る気はない
Enjoy playing dare hitori yuzuru ki wa nai
Enjoy playing! I have no intention of going easy on anyone
目指せNO.1 YES!! 青春のMVP
Mesase numbaa wan yes seishun no MVP
Yes!! Aim for No.1 as the MVP of youth

Donna pawaa purei datte
No matter what power play it is
Buranku kanjisasenai tsumori daze
I don’t plan on letting you sense a single blank space
An (an) shin (shin) no gooru shita kara
From a safe place under the goal
Naisu pasu (naisu pasu) shikkari tsunaide miseru sa
Nice pass (nice pass!) I’ll show you how to connect it together

Saa pureibakku
Now playback
(やっと帰って来たって やっぱ実感できるな)
(Yatto kaette kita tte yappa jikkan dekiru na)
(I was finally able to come back, I can experience this myself)
Mou ikkai
One more time
(誰に言われなくたって コートがオレの場所だって)
(Dare ni iwarenakutatte koko ga ore no basho datte)
(Even if no one says it, I know that this is the place where I belong)
ピンチも丸ごと楽しむくらいで さあ、まだまだ
Pinchi mo marugoto tanoshimu kurai de saa mada mada
We’re not there yet, but being in trouble in its whole is almost enjoyable too

Kokkara daro
It’s from now on that matters!

TIP-OFF!! 今日もパワー全開で 勝ちに来たんだ
Tip-off kyou mo pawaa zenkai de kachi ni kitanda
TIP-OFF!! I came to win it, let’s go with all our power today too
Omoikkiri butsukatte
Clashing with all of our strength
Buzzer Beater!! 最後まで信じているさ
Buzzer beater saigo made shinjite iru sa
Buzzer beater!! I trust in you until the end
今だNO.1 YES!! オレ達で掴もうぜ
Ima da numbaa wan yes oretachi de tsukamouze
Yes!! It's now the time to be No.1, yes we’re going to go grab on to it
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