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Ono Yuuki - Seishun TIP-OFF!!~MVP Kagami Ver. Translation

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Ono Yuuki - Seishun TIP-OFF!!~MVP Kagami Ver.

Seirin koukou basuketto booru bu ichinen kagami taiga
Seirin High School Basketball Club first year, Kagami Taiga
Sebangou juu pojishon pawaa fowaado
Jersey #10, position: power forward
Donna aite ga koyou to zenin buttaosu
No matter what opponent comes, I’ll knock them all down!!

TIP-OFF!! 今日もパワー全開で 勝ちに行こうか
Tip-off kyou mo pawaa zenkai de kachi ni yukou ka
TIP-OFF!! Let's go win it, let’s go with all our power today too
Atsuku nan natte hou ga muri
Not getting fired up is impossible
Enjoy playing!! 誰1人譲る気はない
Enjoy playing dare hitori yuzuru ki wa nai
Enjoy playing! I have no intention of going easy on anyone
目指せNO.1 YES!! 青春のMVP
Mesase numbaa wan yes seishun no MVP
Yes!! Aim for No.1 as the MVP of youth

どうだ 迫力のダンクシュート
Dou da hakuryoku no danku shuuto
What do you think of my intense dunk shot?
Honba sutoriito shikomi tte yatsu da
It's from all my training from the genuine street courts
Jou (jou) shiki (shiki) hazure na takasa de
It's a height at the tips of common (common!) sense (sense)
Hei pasu (hei pasu) kuuchuusen wa ore no mono
Hey pass (hey pass!) fighting in the air is my thing

Saa pureibakku
Now playback
(なんだよ日本も悪くねーよな ヤリガイハリアイ歓迎するぜ)
(Nan da yo kocchi mo waruku nee yo na yarigai hariai kangei suruze)
(Well it’s not too bad here in Japan, I welcome everything worth doing and competing in)
Mou ikkai
One more time
(なんだよどいつも負けてねーよな おもしれーじゃん止めてみやがれ)
(Nan dayo doitsu mo makete nee yo na omoshiree jan tomete miyagare)
(What? I won’t lose to any ofyou, it’s interesting, so just try and stop me)
Aite ga tsuyokerya yokei ni moete kuru tte mon dare
Like they say, the stronger the opponent, the more excited you get

Tenshon agaruze
The tension is rising!

TIP-OFF!! 今日もパワー全開で 勝ちに来たんだ
Tip-off kyou mo pawaa zenkai de kachi ni kitanda
TIP-OFF!! I came to win it, let’s go with all our power today too
Sugu ni wakarasete yaru
I’ll let you understand it soon
Buzzer Beater!! 誰の目も諦めてない
Buzzer beater dare mo me mo akirametenai
Buzzer beater!! You can see that no one has given up yet from their eyes
キメろNO.1 YES!! オレが貰って行くぜ
Kimero numbaa wan yes ore ga moratte ikuze
Yes!! I’ll decide who’s No.1, I’ll come take it all
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