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Hosoya Yoshimasa - Seishun TIP-OFF!!~MVP Hyuuga Ver. Translation

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Hosoya Yoshimasa - Seishun TIP-OFF!!~MVP Hyuuga Ver.

Seirin koukou basuketto bu kyaputen hyuuga junpei
Seirin High School Basketball Club’s captain, Hyuuga Junpei
Sebangou yon pojishon shuutingu gaado
Jersey #4, position: shooting guard
Omaera buttaoreru made ikuzo
All of you, we’re continuing until we collapse!

TIP-OFF!! 今日もパワー全開で 勝ちに行こうか
Tip-off kyou mo pawaa zenkai de kachi ni yukou ka
TIP-OFF!! Let's go win it, let’s go with all our power today too
Atsuku nan natte hou ga muri
Not getting fired up is impossible
Enjoy playing!! 誰1人譲る気はない
Enjoy playing dare hitori yuzuru ki wa nai
Enjoy playing! I have no intention of going easy on anyone
目指せNO.1 YES!! 青春のMVP
Mesase numbaa wan yes seishun no MVP
Yes!! Aim for No.1 as the MVP of youth

どうだ キレキレのアウトサイドシュート
Dou da kire kire no autosaido shuuto
How is my sharp outside shot?
Suicchi haitta ore ni makasetoke
My switch is on so leave everything to me
Chou (chou) sen (sen) sha no kigai misete
I’ll show you the fighting spirit of the cha (cha!) llen (llen!) gers
Hei pasu (hei pasu) nanbon demo kimete miseru
Hey pass (hey pass!) I’ll show you I can make any amount number of shots

Saa pureibakku
Now playback
(Uyamae hirefuse motto tataero ichinen bouzu)
(Be honoured! Prostrate yourself! Praise me more, you first year boys!)
Mou ikkai
One more time
(折られたフィギュアの数 鍛えたハートほんとなめんな)
(Orareta figua no kazu kitaeta haato hontou namen na)
(Don’t underestimate this disciplined heart with the amount of figures that were broken)
Ouja ga nanbo no mon jai hiromazu ni tsuite koi
These kings are nothing special, don’t falter, just come at me

You idiot!

TIP-OFF!! 今日もパワー全開で 勝ちに来たんだ
Tip-off kyou mo pawaa zenkai de kachi ni kitanda
TIP-OFF!! I came to win it, let’s go with all our power today too
Kiai de kakatte ike
Come at me with fighting spirit
Buzzer Beater!! 誰の目も諦めてない
Buzzer beater dare mo me mo akirametenai
Buzzer beater!! You can see that no one has given up yet from their eyes
奪えNO.1 YES!! まずはオレが示すぜ
Ubae numbaa wan yes mazu wa ore ga shimesuze
Yes!! I’ll steal No.1, I will demonstrate first
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