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Free! Illustration Works CD Track 10 - Sweet Good Morning Contest Translation

Translations by ichigohaatsu. Please credit if using.

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Sweet Good Morning Contest

Nagisa: Heh, so this is what’s popular lately?
Haruka: What’s popular lately?
Nagisa; Oh! Haru-chan, Mako-chan, Rin-chan, and Rei-chan too!
Makoto: Nagisa, what are you reading?
Nagisa: I was reading this girl’s magazine that was in the club room. We can’t start club activities until everyone arrives, so I started reading it to kill time, but it’s actually quite interesting.
Makoto: Is it Gou-chan’s?
Rin: Hm? Speaking of which, she was reading it before.
Nagisa: I found a pretty interesting article in the magazine. Ah, this one this one. Read this article everyone!
Makoto: Hmm, what’s this what’s this? “Games aimed toward girls popular among females.”
Haruka: “Games aimed toward girls?”
Rei: Ah, I saw this before on television. Games that deal with females, such as ones that are dating simulations. And what’s the deal with this?
Nagisa: It’s the reason that girls like these games. “You can hear the sweet lines from cool characters.”
Rei: Ah… Nagisa-kun’s eyes are sparkling.
Rin: I can’t feel anything but bad premonitions towards this.
Nagisa: Hey, what lines would everyone say?
Rei: It’s this after all…
Nagisa: So then, it’s the “I want to hear everyone’s sweet good morning lines” contest!
Haruka: This is too troublesome.
Rin: Like I would do that.
Nagisa: YOU TWO! This is a battle for male pride! Who has the courage to say the sweetest line?
Rin: A battle you say?
Nagisa: Haru-chan, Rin-chan, you wouldn’t do something dishonourable like passing by a battle without even attempting it, would you?
Rin: Che. Fine. All I have to do is participate, right Nagisa? If we’re doing this, I’ll be the one who wins.
Haruka: Don’t cry if you lose, Rin.
Rin: I won’t cry. It’s a battle to see who can be sweeter, Haru.
Nagisa: As expected of you two!
Makoto: The two of you are so easy to understand.
Rei: Yes they are.
Nagisa: Well then, Haru-chan’s first. 3, 2, 1, start.

Haruka: It’s morning. Hurry and wake up.

Nagisa: E-e-eh it’s over?
Haruka: Yeah.
Rin: Isn’t that how you normally are?
Nagisa: It’s not sweet enough, Haru-chan! You have say “I’ll feed you breakfast” at the very minimum! One more chance! 3, 2, 1, start.

Haruka: It’s morning. Wake up already. Hm? Ah, I’m grilling mackerel right now. What? It’s fine isn’t it? Mackeral is full of nutrients. Hey, wake up already. Breakfast will get cold. Or did you want me to feed it to you?

Nagisa: Ooohhhh. Haru-chan is sweet!
Makoto: Certainly it is for Haru. But… it feels like the usual except for the “feeding it to you” part.
Nagisa: Next is Mako-chan! 3, 2, 1, start!
Makoto: EE? ME? U-Um-!

Makoto: Morning. Eh, you’re still sleepy? You can’t, you’ll be late. Hn? 5 more minutes? You’re saying something like that again? You continued to sleep like that yesterday and the day before too. You can’t say something like that with that voice. I won’t listen to you today. Hurry and change. Let’s leave together.

Rei: As expected of Makoto-senpai. It’s so sweet. What a formidable opponent.
Nagisa: I guess I’ll go next then? Let’s see…

Nagisa: Morning! Wake up wake up! Ah! No, don’t just burrow yourself back into the mattress! That’s no good, forbidden! It’s a waste to just continue sleeping when it’s such good weather outside! If you are just going to be that selfish, I’ll come sleep with you too! Hahaha, I’m just joking. You don’t have to hurry that much. Now, wake up.

Haruka: If you speak when you are calm, you really sound like an adult, Nagisa.
Nagisa: If you say it like that, it sounds like I’m normally really excited.
Haruka: But you are normally really excited.
Nagisa: That’s not true at all! Okay, next is Rei-chan then. 3, 2, 1, start.

Rei: Good morning. Please wake up soon. You still look pretty sleepy. You probably stayed up late in the night again didn’t you? Hah. It can’t be helped, you are just that kind of person. If you oversleep, your fatigue will just get worst. Now, please wait up. If you wake up properly, I don’t mind giving you a reward.

Rin: You are really talking as if you are the superior one.
Nagisa: But that’s a point that really gets your heart beating, so it’s not half bad. Then the last one is Rin-chan. 3, 2, 1, start.

Rin: Hey, hurry up and wake already. It’s morning. Good grief. Tch, why do I always have to wake you up every single day? Ah? What? “You still wake me up some way or another?” Che, it can’t be helped okay? It’ll be boring for me if you stay asleep. Ah, it’s nothing! Hey, if you don’t hurry I’ll leave you behind.

Rin: What do you think, Haru?
Haruka: It’s the usual Rin. Not sweet at all.
Rin: HAH? It was sweeter than your’s at least. Whose line was sweeter: mine or Haru’s? Nagisa!
Rei: Well? Nagisa-kun? How are we going to settle this?
Nagisa: Ah, hm… Speaking of which, it’s pretty hard to make a decision. Hm… Ah! We can just have Gou-chan decide!
Rin: Like I can say something like this in front of my little sister!
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