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Free! Subbed OP & ED

Translations by ichigohaatsu. Please credit if using.

To see all the videos that I have subbed, please visit here.

[IchigoHaatsu] Free! Opening Theme
Date: 2013.07.04
Mega / Streaming

[IchigoHaatsu] Free! Ending Theme
Date: 2013.07.04
Mega / Streaming

I put in a karaoke effect! And changed the font~
I will be uploading this to my Youtube channel! ^_^
I'm thinking about redo-ing the Kuroko no Basuke PVs as well, with a karaoke effect, a different one.
I hope you all enjoy!
Oh yes! Please join this LJ community for Free! if you are interested!
Tags: artist: style five, download: videos, free!, translations: videos
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