IchigoHaatsu (ichigohaatsu) wrote,

[Fan Disc] Oshaberi Shiyoukka Video Translation

Translations by ichigohaatsu. Please credit if using.

To see all the videos that I have subbed, please visit here.

[Fan Disc] Oshaberi Shiyoukka
Date: 2012.12.21
V1: Mega / 4S
V2: Mega / Streaming

Sharing rules: reuploading this file is okay since it's hardsubbed!

This was specially subbed for my tumblr followers, here's my message to them:

To my wonderful 200+ followers, thank you for all the support! It has been an amazing half a year with some/most of you! Since this is a present specially for my followers, I will not share this on my livejournal until a day has passed! Thank you so much, and for the future as well, よろしくお願いいたします!

Tags: download: videos, kuroko no basuke, translations: videos
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