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Terashima Takuma - SMILE MAGIC Translation

Translations by [info]ichigohaatsu. Please credit if using.

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Terashima Takuma - SMILE MAGIC

あったかいメロディ もう寂しくはないよ
Attakai merodi mou sabishiku wa nai yo
A warm melody, I’m no longer lonely anymore
Shinjiru wo utau e
Sing out what you trust in

Dare mo nai kurosuroodo de hitori tachi tsukusu
I stand alone on the isolated crossroad
(Hold me×2 心をHold me×2 優しく)
(Hold me hold me kokoro wo hold me hold me yasashiku)
(Hold me hold me, my heart, hold me hold me, kindly)
Nukumori motometa migi te gutto nigitte sa
Grip onto my left hand that was searching for warmth tightly
(Tell me×2 教えて温もりを)
(Tell me tell me oshiete nukumori wo)
(Tell me tell me, show me the warmth)

But I found it
(I believe you)
(You believe me)
Omoitachi wa
My feelings
(Haamonii ni)
(A harmony)
Will change

Tsutaetai hitokoto ga arun da
There is a few words that I want to tell you
Kimi wa ne mou hitori janai to
That “you are no longer alone anymore”

涙はやがて 大空へ舞い上がって
Namida wa yagatte oozora maiagatte
The tears will stop soon, and drift away into the endless skies
Kumo ni kawatte ukabu
Changing into the floating clouds
そして雨になり 光る太陽を浴び
Soshite ame ni nari hikaru taiyou wo abi
And become falling rain that warms itself in the light of the sunshine
綺麗な 虹になって
Kirei na niji ni natte

Becoming a beautiful rainbow

Soshite sa egao e
And then... it becomes your smile

いつしかみんなはたぶん 大人になってさ
Itsu shika minna wa tabun otona ni natte sa
Sometime in life, everyone will probably become an adult
(Hold you×2 忘れないHold you×2 絶対)
(Hold you hold you wasurenai hold you hold you zettai)
(Hold you hold you, I won’t forget, hold you hold you, forever)
それぞれの風を追って 夢に旅立つ
Sorezore no kaze wo otte yume ni tabitatsu
Chase after each and every wind, set off for your dreams
(Wish you×2 その夢いつまでも)
(Wish you wish you sono yume itsumademo)
(Wish wish, for that dream... to continue always)

Massugu ni
Face it straight on
(We believe it)
(We believe it)
Mune no oku de
The inside of my chest
(Haamonii ni)
(A harmony)
Beats strongly

Kowagarazu ni mae wo miyou yo
Look at what is in front of you without getting scared
手を伸ばして 輝きへ
Te wo nobashite kagayaki e
Reach out your hand to the radiance

そしてみんなは 自分の物語を
Soshite minna wa jibun no monogatari
And everyone has their own story tale
Tsumugi egaite susumu
To continue to draw and weave
ちょっとはつまずき ちょっとは泣いたりして
Chotto wa tsumazuki chotto wa naitari shite
There will be stumbling, tears will fall
そんなときは この歌を
Sonna toki wa kono uta wo
At those times, I would like you to
Omoi dashite hoshii
Recall this song...

あったかいメロディ もう寂しくはないから
Attakai merodi mou sabishiku wa nai kara
A warm melody, I’m no longer lonely anymore
Jibun jishin wo shinjite
Trust in yourself
かけがえのない 君色のストーリー
Kakegae no nai kimiiro no sutoorii
The irreplaceable story colored with you
綺麗な 虹になって
Kirei na niji ni natte

Becoming a beautiful rainbow

Soshite sa egao e
And then... it becomes your smile

ありがとう…Thanx to my friends
Arigatou thanks to my friends
Thank you, thanks to my friends
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