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MARs – Hop! Step!! JUMP!!! Translation

Translations by [info]ichigohaatsu. Please credit if using.

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MARs – Hop! Step!! JUMP!!!

さぁ!これから始まる 次のステージへ
Saa! Kore kara hajimaru sugi no tobira e
Yes! It’s starting from now on at the next door
Hop! Step!! Jump!!! 高く駆け抜けて行こう
Hop! Step!! Jump!!! Takaku kakenukete yukou
Hop! Step!! Jump!!! Run through the high walls and go!
ねぇ! どんな時でも One! Two!! Three!!!
Nee! Donna toki demo One! Two! Three!!!
Hey! At any time, it’s One! Two! Three!!!
みんなで Smile! Smile!! Smile!!!
Minna de Smile! Smile!! Smile!!!
Everyone’s Smile! Smile!! Smile!!!
Egao wasurezu ni iyou
Without forgetting to keep smiling

なでしこの 花言葉を 胸に秘めて
Nadeshiko no hana kotoba wo mune ni himete
The nadeshiko’s language of flowers are hidden in the heart
Daitan ni yuukan ni
Boldly and bravely
Sou! Massugu ni ikite yukou
Yeah! Let’s go live straight ahead

憧れだけじゃ 夢で終るよ
Akogare dake ja yume de owaru yo
Just longing for something will end your dreams
Move on! 焦らず進もう
Move on! Aserazu susumou
Move on! Stay calm and let’s advance
諦めないで 自分信じて
Akiramenai de jibun shinjite
Don’t give up and believe in yourself
ほら! 上向いて
Hora! Ue muite
Look! Face up!
もぉ!振り向かないで ずっ
Mou! Furimukanai de zutto
Agh! Don’t ever look back

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