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Uta no Prince-sama White Day Messages

Translations by [info]ichigohaatsu. Please credit if using.

To see all my translations that I have done, please visit here.

Well, it's white day! Thanks Starish and everyone else! Let's celebrate White Day together!
Original source

The feelings of everyone's was properly received!                                          There is not a happier present than the feelings of everyone.
I'm so happy that I want to read this over and over again.                
              There was a lot of messages received from people
All of those words will become my power.                                      
               I know now how fortunate I am.
Thank you, thank you very much!!                                             
                 From now on, the support we get will help us do our best.

                                            Ittoki Otoya                                                                                Ichinose Tokiya

To go out of your way to write words to me, I am thankful.                            Not only for a valentine's message,
The letters of everyone's words to me overflowed with affection.   
                Thank you very much for all the birthday congratulations!
You watch over me with more than I deserve                               
                 I have felt all the love from all the ladies.
I understand that and am happy to know so.                               
                  To return all that 3 times back, I'll work hard in the future.

                                            Hijirikawa Masato                                                                         Jinguji Ren

Pictures drawn for me, giving me praise for my songs......                              It's the first time in my whole life that I have received this many
Why does everyone know the words that make me happy?             
              letters. I was honestly surprised......
It's strange. But my heart has become very warm from this. 
                       I'm so freaking happy!!!!
I'll do my best in the future too, so please support me!               
                 I'll endure everyone to become much more cooler!

                                             Shinomiya Natsuki                                                                       Kurusu Syo

I'm happy to have received warm words from many people.                          Helllooo everyonneeee!!
I love all of you too.                                                                 
                  Thanks for the letters to me too~!
I want everyone to receive my love songs from now on too.......      
              You people fulfill my expectations, that's what an idol is!
I want to continue endlessly along with these feelings.                 
                Yes, that's love...... Support us, thank you.

                                              Aijima Cecil                                                                              Shining Saotome

Hello~~~!! Are you all well?                                                                         Thank you for the letters. Sorry to make you go that far for me.
Everyone's letters made me all euphoric!                                     
                I'm not there yet, so I have to work hard and be good motivation.
I'm so glad I did my best as an idol~.                                           
               To answer to the supports of everyone,
I'll do my best from now on too♪                                                 
                 From now on, at all times, run and throw with everything!!

                                              Tsukimiya Ringo                                                                          Hyuuga Ryuuya

My girls of the whole world! Thanks for all the letters.                                   Hey. Oh wait, what I meant was,
Me toooo, I loooooove everyone tooooooo!                 
                          Those hot feelings of yours...... is seriously rock.
My love...... is still not enough for a present.                             
                  But I'm not like that yet.
Soooooo, only watch me from now one♪                                     
               I haven't shown you my dream yet, so come follow me.

                                               Kotobuki Reiji                                                                         Kurosaki Ranmaru

I can't believe letters came for me too. I'm very surprised.                             Ladies, how do you all do........
Everyone says that the information of me isn't enough,               
                Your consideration of me is an extreme honor.
From now on, I'd like to consider knowing and giving more          
                 I'd like to answer that love in all sincerity
I'm getting out of character by being excited of this.                    
                And continue to push forward even if I'm tired.

                                                Mikaze Ai                                                                                 Camus
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