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Kuroko no Basuke Teikou Basketball Club Short Drama ~Kono Chiimu ni Katsu!~ Translation

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Kuroko no Basuke Teikou Basketball Club Character Song Short Drama ~Kono Chiimu ni Katsu!/We'll win with this team!~

Akashi: It's almost time for our game. Everyone, are you all ready? As long as we all bring out all our power, victory is inevitable. Remember to concentrate today as well.
Aomine: Got it! I'm in great condition lately, instead of saying that we'll win, I get the feeling that we can't lose. I guess I'll aim for an easy 30 points today.
Kise: I've been in my best condition lately too! Maybe I'll catch up to Aominecchi soon! Just kidding!
Aomine: What? Say that with your big mouth after you win against me in a one on one.
Kise: Grr! I'll do my best to participate more than Aominecchi during today's game!
Murasakibara: Hmm... Mine-chin, Kise-chin, do your best~ If you get heated up, it gets way easier for me~
Midorima: You should do all you can too, Murasakibara. If you let your guard down, it'll be a painful experience for you.
Murasakibara: Haa? There's no way that simple small fry opponents can take points from me so easily. It's impossible for me to lose. Mido-chin thinks that too, right?
Midorima: Of course. I have no intention of losing. I can say that only because I have done all I can do for victory. It's dangerous to assume victory just by looking at your opponent.
Kuroko: That's right. Our opponent has also gone through strict training for today, just like we have. I will give them my very best challenge. And then, we'll them that we'll win.
Murasakibara: Ahh~ You're serious as always, Kuro-chin.
Aomine: That's the same as always, isn't it? Tetsu, give me your passes today too! I'll take as many points as you want!
Kuroko: Yes! Leave it to me!
Kise: Please pass to me too, Kurokocchi!
Kuroko: Yes, I'll try my best.
Kise: I feel like I was just ignored!
Midorima: Hmph. There's no feeling of tension whatsoever even right before our game.
Akashi: It seems there was no need to repeat ourselves again. We'll win with this team! That's all.
All: Yeah!
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