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[Gakuensai no Ouji-sama] Yukimura Seiichi Confession + Ending

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Yukimura Seiichi Confession + Ending


YS: Oh, so you were here.
You: Ah, Yukimura-senpai. Is there anything wrong?
YS: I was looking for you. You aren't going to dance?
You: No, I don't have the confidence to.
YS: That works well then. I have a favor to ask of you.
You: A favor? What is it?
YS: It's hard to say it here, so let's change locations.
You: Yes.
YS: It's quiet now that we're here.
You: It seems like everyone is near the campfire.
YS: I see.
You: Senpai, what favor did you want from me?
YS: Ah. Let me confirm something before that. I heard from Renji that you aren't in any clubs?
You: Yes, that's right.
YS: Ah. Let me confirm one more thing. It's about a little while ahead, but do you plan on entering Rikkai's high school section?
You: Yes.
YS: I see. That's good to hear.
You: Senpai?
YS: I have three favors to ask of you. I'll say it all now.
You: Yes.
YS: First, I want you to become the manager of the Tennis club. Secondly, I want you to let me call you by your first name from now on. Third, I like you, so I want you to go out with me.
You: E…Ehhhh!?
YS: Haha. You were surprised after all.
You: T-That's because, um, why…?
YS: My reasons? The third one was because I like you. There's no other reason other than that. The second one is because I want to call you by your first name when we start dating. The first is because your level of management ability is high, and I will feel relieved if you become the manager.
You: Ah, relieved?
YS: You'll have many chances to be by my side right? I can also come visit you as a senpai of the club after I graduate. As long as you are in the club, no bad bugs will approach you, and even if they do, Akaya can act as bug spray anytime.
You: U-Um…
YS: Will you agree to my three favors?
You: So suddenly… It's confusing, kind of…
YS: When we went on a date… I told you. "Be true to your heart." "Live without regrets." You and I haven't met for very long, and the time we've been together is short. But that has no relation to it, nothing. I love you. That's why I want you by my side. That's all there is.
You: S-Senpai…
YS: You probably don't know how you feel about me just yet. But that's fine for now. Just stay by my side from now on, and keep watching me. And then I would like you to fall in love with me.
You: …Fall in love with senpai…
YS: Yes.
You: I…
YS: [Name]-san?
You: I don't know anything about the future… But right now, I can't say anything clearly… But I do think that I want to stay by senpai's side.
YS: …Thank you.


You: Senpaai!
YS: [Name], congratulations on entering the school.
You: Thank you very much.
YS: We'll finally be able to be commute to the same school. Good grief, that was a long year.
You: Haha. That's all senpai has been saying lately.
YS: That's just how much I was looking forward to this. I've been waiting for you this whole time.
You: Thank you very much.
YS: Have you handed in your club registration form yet?
You: No, I'll hand it in when the opening ceremony begins. Together with Kirihara-kun.
YS: I see. That's right, Akaya is here too.
You: Ah, that makes me pity him when you say it like that.
YS: It's alright. You come first to me.
You: …Geez.
YS: Haha… Now, we have to go soon. Genichirou is waiting for us too.
You: Yes. … U-Um, senpai?
YS: What is it?
You: …Um, please take care of me from now on. As a manager, and as well as your girlfriend…
YS: …Yes, same to you. I love you, [Name].
You: I love you too…
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